4 Questions: OUR HOUSE

We thought it would be a good idea to help you get to know some of our fantastic filmmakers. So, borrowing an idea from LA Weekly’s Karina Longworth (the Bernard Pivot to our James Lipton), we submitted four questions to each filmmaker about and themselves and their films. We’ll be randomly posting as many responses as we can fit in between now and the kick-off.

Let’s talk to Greg King and David Teague, co-directors of Our House, screening Saturday, June 12th at 3:30pm with the short film Catedral.

1. Tell us about your movie. Give us the reductive, 25-word or less, “It’s like [pop culture reference a] meets [pop culture reference b]!” pitch, then explain what the quick and dirty sell leaves out.

Our House is Dark Days meets Into Great Silence, a richly artistic portrayal of a unique alternative shelter space for the homeless in an abandoned warehouse, run by a group of Christian anarchist squatter punks.

2. Are you a full-time filmmaker?  If not, tell us how you get by while raising money for your films, or share something juicy you had to do to get your film made.

We are in the sense that we both support ourselves as film editors and cinematographers, and always have projects of our own going, but we don’t solely make a living from our films yet. Greg is an artist of multiple disciplines, with two degrees in visual art, and has worked as a printer, muralist, touring musician, graphic designer, and even real estate agent over the years. David has developed a strong reputation as a documentary editor and director of photography on a wide range of projects, including a music video for Kronos Quartet and the Academy Award winning short documentary “Freeheld,” directed by Cynthia Wade.

3. Have you been to deadCENTER before?  What’s something you look forward to discovering (or re-living) at the festival and/or in Oklahoma City?

We have never been to deadCENTER, but have long been aware of its reputation, and are honored to be a part of it! We are unfortunately unable to attend deadCENTER, as it is concurrent with our US (and hometown)  premiere at the Brooklyn International Film Festival.

4. Every filmmaker has influences and cinematic heroes.  Name one of yours, and while you’re at it, tell us one film (or scene) in history that you wish you had directed (and why).

We have both been heavily influenced by the avant-garde in film over the years (Brakhage, Vertov, Godard, Fassbinder, Fellini), and our earlier work was all Super 8 and 16mm experimental films. Greg wishes he could have shot any scene from Blade Runner, by Ridley Scott, and David swoons over Nights of Cabiria, by Fellini. Blade Runner because of its singular originality in cinematic spectacle at the service of a story about the nature of human perception within the brevity of life, and Nights of Cabiria because of its singular originality in cinematic spectacle at the service of a story about the nature of human perception within the brevity of life.

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