4 Questions: RACHEL IS

We thought it would be a good idea to help you get to know some of our fantastic filmmakers. So, borrowing an idea from LA Weekly’s Karina Longworth (the Bernard Pivot to our James Lipton), we submitted four questions to each filmmaker about and themselves and their films.

Let’s hear from Charlotte Glynn, director of Rachel Is, an intimate, heartbreaking, and hilarious portrait of the relationship between her mother Jane and her developmentally disabled sister Rachel. Rachel Is screens today at 5:30pm at the IAO Gallery along with the short Down in Number 5.

1. Tell us about your movie. Give us the reductive, 25-word or less, “It’s like [pop culture reference a] meets [pop culture reference b]!” pitch, then explain what the quick and dirty sell leaves out.

Rachel Is is like Best Boy meets Napoleon Dynamite.

2. Are you a full-time filmmaker?  If not, tell us how you get by while raising money for your films, or share something juicy you had to do to get your film made.

I’m a grad student right now so I’m taking  making money off of loans which is either the best idea I’ve ever had or the worst.
I have worked every terrible job in the world.  I waited tables at a golfclub and had to serve Rush Limbaugh. Something Juicy to get my film made….it’s all kinda boring

3. Have you been to deadCENTER before?  What’s something you look forward to discovering (or re-living) at the festival and/or in Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City thrift stores and a fabulous festival, from what I’ve heard

4. Every filmmaker has influences and cinematic heroes.  Name one of yours, and while you’re at it, tell us one film (or scene) in history that you wish you had directed (and why).

Vera Chytilova. Daises changed my life.
Okay, so I’m saying this because you’re asking for a scene, and I love this scene, even though I’m not sure it’s aged so well: the hotel bar scene from Out of Sight. Man I love it.

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