Tonight we’ll be gathering under the stars to watch a tremendous documentary about one man’s journey to follow his father’s footsteps into space. The name of the film is Richard Garriott: Man on a Mission, and it’s a free screening Saturday June 12th at 9:00pm, immediately following the deadCENTER Awards ceremony and Cosmic Arts Jubilee.

Let’s hear from the director, Mike Woolf:

1. Tell us about your movie. Give us the reductive, 25-word or less, “It’s like [pop culture reference a] meets [pop culture reference b]!” pitch, then explain what the quick and dirty sell leaves out.

We could try and come up with a “Apollo 13 meets Dungeons and Dragons” analogy but it will never be as cool as some of the reviews we’ve been getting. Here are a few of our favorites:
“This is the best movie I’ve very seen in my life.” Barbara Woolf, Director’s son.
“With footage that was candid but not exploitive, stirring but not overly sentimental, Man on a Mission strikes a balance that documentarians worldwide should envy.” by Carol Pinchefsky,SpaceFuture.com
“If you have children, take them to see this movie.” Smells Like Screen Spirit
“This is a must see film” Harry Knowles (yes he actually said that)
But the down and dirty business that most people leaves out: for the first time ever you will see footage from inside the capsule as it re-enters the atmosphere creating a 4000 degree fireball out the window.
2. Are you a full-time filmmaker?  If not, tell us how you get by while raising money for your films.
I am a full time filmmaker if you count making commercials.  At Beef and Pie we make our mortgage check by shooting and cutting commercials and web content.  We brew our own beer and roast our own coffee but have yet to figure out to make money doing that.
3. Have you been to deadCENTER before?  What’s something you look forward to discovering (or re-living) at the festival and/or in Oklahoma City?
I have never been to deadCENTER before but Owen Garriott – Richard’s father and an astronaut on Skylab will be in attendance. And that’s awesome!
4. Every filmmaker has influences and cinematic heroes.  Name one of yours, and while you’re at it, tell us one film (or scene) in history that you wish you had directed.
Cinematic heroes: Dan Brown, Bradley Beesley, Ben Steinbauer.
I wish I had directed all of the Star Wars films.  Cause then they wouldn’t have sucked so much.

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