Electric Nostalgia is the first feature film from writer/director/cinematographer Jacob Burns, and a perfect culmination of the vision and storytelling he has honed over the years with his outstanding short films, several of which played deadCenter.

Burns produced the film with long-time collaborators Vinnie Hogan and Zach Burns. Hogan is an Austin-based, Oklahoma-born filmmaker with several deadCenter films under his belt and another feature in the works. Zach Burns is Jacob’s brother, a fine arts photographer and co-host of the webs series Talkies.

Shot in gorgeous black and white, Electric Nostalgia features outstanding performances from Lauren Analla, Stephen Goodman, Page Tudyk, and several actors who have graced our screens before and continue to delight in this latest science fiction drama. deadCenter was thrilled to host the World Premiere of this beautiful film from one of Oklahoma’s most talented filmmakers.

91 min, OK

Director: Jacob Leighton Burns

Writer: Jacob Leighton Burns

Producers: Jacob Leighton Burns, Vinnie Hogan, Zachary Burns

Cast: Lauren Analla, Stephen Goodman, Page Tudyk, J. Alan Davidson, Josh Bonzie, Cait Brasel, Jamie Harris, Laurie Cummings

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