deadCENTER is Weather Aware!

deadCENTER Film Festival takes weather safety very seriously, and we feel that effective planning and communication can help participants enjoy the festival knowing we have our eye on the sky.

Each of our seven screening venues has an individual weather plan in place, and venue managers and volunteers will be well prepared to implement those plans in the event of severe weather.  

If severe weather could potentially move toward the downtown area, venue managers will monitor the weather closely and consistently and make announcements when appropriate. 

If tornado activity is present, guests will be informed of, and led to, the nearest shelter or designated safe area until the threat has passed.

Outdoor films will be cancelled or re-located if it is raining 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the film.

Weather and film updates will be shared on the home page, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Recommended resources for weather updates:

KFOR News 4

KOCO News 5

KWTV News 9

National Weather Service


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