deadCENTER Wins Accolades and Awards

deadCENTER has been selected as one of the Top 50 film festival worth the entry fee out of 6,000 festival worldwide by MovieMaker magazine.

Previously, MovieMaker had selected deadCENTER as one of the 25 Coolest festivals. This latest listing acknowledges the new Distribution Forum deadCENTER added in 2012, bringing in sales agents and distributors to meet with every accepted filmmaker at the festival. deadCENTER is run by working filmmakers that know the challenges of securing distribution for truly independent films. So, the forum was a way to empower filmmakers with the tools and avenues for distributing their films.

In other news, deadCENTER Executive Director Lance McDaniel was voted as Best non-Profit Leader in Oklahoma City in Slice Magazine readers poll. McDaniel was a volunteer for 5 years before taking the reins as Executive Director.

deadCENTER 2013 is coming June 5-9, in downtown Oklahoma City. Check out our schedule and start planning your trip to THE AWARD WINNING deadCENTER Film Festival.

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deadCENTER Film Festival