Featured Film: S&M LAWN CARE

For a while it seemed like the boys at Singletree Productions were destined to be the Susan Lucci’s of deadCENTER; year after year they screened hilarious shorts and features to appreciative audiences, but come awards time they were always the bridesmaids.  This ended last year when their feature SIMMONS ON VINYL took home the 2010 Jury Prize, and now the filmmaking comedy team is following up with S&M LAWN CARE. Here’s the official synopsis:

Sal and Mel are the best lawn care team in town. Sal is a college student saving money to go student in the Amazon while Mel has a dream to be the best lawn care specialist in town. Things are going well, until they begin to lose yards for no reason. Day after day, more customers leave them. Sal and Mel are completely confused until they discover Lawns by Drake, a newer lawn care service in town. Lawns by Drake specializes in sexiness, with Drake mowing in tight spandex and his two female assistants working in little clothing. Sal and Mel must find a way to keep their goals alive, even though everything is slipping away from them.

S&M LAWN CARE screens Friday night June 10th at 7:00pm at the Harkins Bricktown.

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