Hunt Lowry selected as 2013 Oklahoma Film ICON

deadCENTER is thrilled to honor film producer HUNT LOWRY with this year’s Oklahoma Film ICON Award.

Hunt Lowry is an award-winning film producer that has thrilled audiences with classic films for more than 30 years. Lowry is also an Oklahoma City native and Casady School graduate that has served as an inspirational beacon to Oklahomans moving to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams in motion pictures.

Renowned Native American actor Wes Studi will present the Oklahoma Film ICON Award to Hunt Lowry at a free outdoor screening of THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, Friday, June 7, 9:00pm at the Myriad Gardens Grand Lawn.

Lowry is best know for producing Oscar winner THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, starring
Oklahoma’s Wes Studi and Daniel Day Lewis, and A TIME TO KILL, starring Matthew
McConaughey and Sandra Bullock. But, just as impressive as any individual film is Lowry’s ability to move seamlessly across film genres and styles, creating visual stories that endure the test of time.

Early in his career, Hunt Lowry worked on classic comedies like AIRPLANE! and TOP SECRET before shifting gears to bring the intense family drama SURVIVING home to be filmed in Oklahoma City.

Lowry captured the teen market with his smorgasbord of films for Gaylord Films, including A WALK TO REMEMBER with Mandy Moore, WHAT A GIRL WANTS with Amanda Bynes, A
seemingly everyone else.

During the past decade, Lowry has produced successful comedies like the BLUE COLLAR
COMEDY TOUR: THE MOVIE and the THOU SHALT LAUGH Christian Comedian Show and the
three sequels it spawned.

But, for independent film lovers, Lowry’s masterpiece is DONNIE DARKO, a cult classic written and directed by Richard Kelly starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a very troubled teen. It was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and three Independent Spirit Awards.

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