Pick of the Week: THE RED SHOES

Darren Aronofsky’s new thriller BLACK SWAN premiered this week at the Toronto International Film Festival, and while it may be a few months before local audiences get to experience it ourselves, the trailer has been making the rounds as a pretty suspenseful piece of cinema in itself.

Aronofsky’s story of a ballerina on the edge has already drawn comparisons to THE RED SHOES, another epic ballet drama directed by Michael Powell.  While the comparisons may be unfair (SWAN promises to be a nerve-wracking horror while SHOES is classic melodrama), both films focus on the psychological toll caused by the pursuit of perfection, and could easily make an interesting double bill.

So this week we’re recommending checking out THE RED SHOES, available now in a gorgeous new Criterion Collection edition.  It’s also available on Netflix Instant if you just can’t wait for the DVD to arrive in your mailbox.  Check it out, and when BLACK SWAN hits theaters we’ll meet up and compare notes.

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