Letting people know how much you like deadCENTER – now in handy voting form!

If you are one of literally several people who regularly wish there was a way to let people know you think deadCENTER is “The Best Annual Event” in Oklahoma City, you’re in luck. Head over to the Oklahoma Gazette’s website to fill out their Best of OKC ballot, or if you prefer putting pen to paper, you can pick up one of their free papers just about anywhere around the metro.

Important note: you must vote in at least half the categories (there are 109) for your ballot to count, so don’t just skip down to #65 to vote for us!

Going Retro

Although I’ve only been involved with the festival for around 4 years, it’s been amazing to see how much it has grown while remaining completely indie and awesome. The “Tattoo” party has been traded up for the fantastic Friday Night Frolic. Super-duper famous people take our phone calls (or at least the message gets to their assistants). Our programs are in full color. Small steps towards making the biggest film festival in Oklahoma even bigger.

I know what you’re thinking. And yes, the parties are at the Museum of Art and Nonna’s tonight. But also, wouldn’t it be cool to get to see the spectacular growth of deadCENTER?

Well kiddos, you’re in luck. Tonight through Sunday, the Independent Artists of Oklahoma gallery (or IAO for you hipsters) is housing an interactive eXhibition spanning all 10 years of the festival. Come see the good and the not-so-good-but-so-bad-its-awesome, get a drink, sign our autograph wall, and take some pictures with bonafide celebrities. It’s your opportunity to become a part of deadCENTER history.

See you there!


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