The Referral – Film Threat Wants to Help Fund Your Film Project

If you attended our excellent panels series this year at deadCENTER, you know something we talked about a lot is the effect the Internet has had on the entire filmmaking experience, not to mention the film viewing experience. During these discussions, one issue kept popping up: the lowering of barriers is great, but it also means there’s just a lot more competition.

One of the best examples of this is the huge number of film projects vying for funding on the Internet. On that front, Film Threat is trying to help by giving a few worthy projects a leg up. Every week, they will be featuring one noteworthy project posted on crowd-sourced funding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo on their site. Which means more eyes on your fund-raising efforts. Which could mean more cash. From the posting:

“That’s right, every Monday, starting July 25, 2010, we’re going to feature one film or film-related project in progress that we feel is worth your and our time. From there, it’s up to our passionate, film-hungry and film-savvy readers to decide whether they want to take that extra step to help make these projects in progress a reality. It’s then up to you, the filmmaker, to live up to the faith we’re putting in you and your efforts by giving you such lofty praise as featuring you and your project as a top story on our site (seriously, you want this; studio films and indies alike routinely angle for space and feature stories on our site).”

For the full post and submission form, click through to the Film Threat post. And if you’re an Okie filmmaker who is going to submit, let us know in the comments, and we’ll keep an eye on Film Threat to see if you’ve been spotlighted.

“Festival life can be brutal, y’all.”

He had to come from Houston to deadCENTER to meet his mayor.

Houston Press writer and Film Threat contributor Pete Vonder Haar checks in with an epic account of his time at this year’s deadCENTER Film Festival, including how he got a wicked black eye during a screening.

The quotes are meaty and plentiful, but here’s one of our favorites: “In this, its tenth year, deadCENTER is firing on all cylinders and is — in my humble opinion — one of the best film festivals around. Period.”

Read the whole sordid tale over at

Opening Night Schmooze-a-thon

Where’s my sunglasses? My laptop screen is too bright… standby.

OK, much better. The party.

This is my very favorite party during SXSW because EVERYONE goes. It’s at Buffalo Billiards, and both levels are packed. I know the tons of people who didn’t get in don’t feel this way (HEY! Chris! You’re awesome! Hope your screening went well!), but this party is so inclusive. The stars of the big opening attend (the film was Kick-Ass and everyone said it was great), along with all the pals we’ve accumulated over the years. It’s the touchstone party of the weekend. And here’s who we schmoozed with in chronological order, starting with the upstairs:

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