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Countdown: 2 Days to the 10th Annual Fest

Today’s Featured Film:

The Four-Faced Liar

The Pitch: A girl and a guy walk into a bar. They meet a girl and a guy. The guys talk about the girls. The girl falls for the girl. The guys don’t know…until they do..
Why you should see it: Charming, lovely, engaging. Beautiful camera work, swift and delicious story and surefooted performances from the actors. Director Jacob Chase and Writer/Actress Marja-Lewis Ryan will be in town for the screenings. Well here – see what a tiny publication called Variety says about it.
When it’s playing: Friday June 11th @ 7:30pm @ [ArtSpace] @ Untitled and Saturday June 12th @7:30pm @ the IAO Gallery.

Watch the Trailer For The Four Faced Liar

More About The Four-Faced Liar Here

Two Movie Guys Promote deadCENTER, Insult the Great Filmmakers of Neptune.

As you should probably know by now, we have these 2 guys in Oklahoma City. They’re 2 Movie Guys, and they’re pretty damn funny. Now we’re bringing them to deadCENTER. They’ll be around the festival all week, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, watch this typically great spot they’ve put together for this year’s festival.

2MG Dead Center Promo 2010 from Ryan Bellgardt on Vimeo.

A Look Back With Dwight Edwards of The Filmcake: The 2009 Festival

The 10th edition of deadCENTER is just ONE WEEK AWAY. The drone of festival buzz is in the air. Anticipation can barely be contained. Hyperbole abounds. Since I’ll be seeing a ton of films starting in just one week, I decided to keep it short and sweet this week as I look back at last year’s festival. There were plenty of great feature films that screened last year. My two favorite features happened to be documentaries, the wonderful Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo from Bradley Beesley and the Best Documentary Feature winner Official Rejection. Both definitely worth checking out. But, I’m sticking with short films in this final recap. The short film programs are often your best bet. You can pack in a bunch of movies in a short period of time. And if you happen to run across a not-so-good one, you only have to wait a few minutes for something else to start playing. Luckily, there are more than enough real gems to be found as well. For this week, I looked back at SAFE, Hit Boys II Men, Whore, The SPAM Job, and Miracle Investigators.
SAFE – A nice Okie short that came out of Living Art’s 2009 24-Hour Video Race contest. A curious kid tries to see what is locked away in his neighbor’s safe. Given the limitations of the video contest, the film is nicely done with a fair amount of restraint. Good camera work. Not too wordy. But certainly very promising. The two young filmmakers, Bunee Tomlinson and Jackson Fall are also bringing a couple of films to this year’s festival as part of the Kids’ Fest shorts program–Mom’s Favorite Vase and Without a Doubt–which will screen Friday and Saturday mornings at the downtown library.
This 5-minute short film is available on Vimeo.
Hit Boys II Men – Another Okie short from the ubiquitous Singletree Productions. Mark Potts, Cole Selix, and Brand Rackley deliver a funny dark comedy about desire, redemption, and…MURDER. On the one hand, it emits an honest vibe of three friends sitting around the house, goofing around, and just deciding to make a movie. It looks like they’re all having a blast. On the other hand, it happens to be well crafted, quite funny and eminently watchable. Stone’s (Potts) delayed reaction to drinking the raw eggs makes me laugh every time. The Singletree crew was also responsible for the very hilarious Hard Justice promo videos before each screening at the 2009 festival. This year they return with the feature Simmons on Vinyl and the short The Bedazzler.
This 20-minute short film is available online.
Whore – Screened during the Midnight Shorts program, this 22-minute short film from Prarthana Mohan follows Wendy’s awkward high school experience. Wendy (the excellent Corina Boettger) is a former home-schooled student who both fears and is fascinated by the sexuality around her. As the bullies encroach, she must come to terms with her own sexuality while figuring out who are her real friends. The director is respectful of the female lead, her religious home-school background, and her dysfunctional family. These depictions are tempered, seeming more honest than exploitative.
The SPAM Job – This 12-minute short film directed by Padraic Culham follows a stolen can of SPAM in a story of international mystery. This “documentary” follows the multitude of evidence that surrounds the theft of the aforementioned meat-like product. The filmmakers play it so straight that in between all of the laughs you almost begin to actually care about the eventual outcome of the investigation.
Miracle Investigators – My favorite short film from the 2009 festival. This 13-minute comedy short from Jeremy Dehn certainly delivers on the laughs. The movie has to contain two of the most quotable and hilarious lines of dialogue from any deadCENTER film past or present: “I’ve been pretty New Testament with you up to now, want to see me go Old?” and “I gave up ass-kicking for Lent/But it’s not Lent/I know.” The movie also very competently alludes to old cop shows and kung fu movies. I could watch this one ALL day.



Next Wednesday: The 10th Annual deadCENTER Film Festival begins!!!

13 Days to Kick-Off!

Countdown: 13 Days to the 10th Annual Fest

Today’s Featured Film:

8: The Mormon Proposition

The Pitch: 2 weeks from today you can see this powerful doc that illuminates the influences of the Utah-based Mormon church on California law in November of 2008.

Why you should see it: First of all, dCFF is one of a very few festivals that got the chance to screen ’8′ after the Sundance premiere – and we have it before the national release (which is AWESOME!). Secondly, this film doesn’t get into the muck of morality, instead it focuses on the rules that govern how we govern ourselves … and the devastating results when one group with lots of power and influence changes the rules for others. A cautionary tale and a call to action all in one.

When it’s playing: Thursday June 10th @ 8pm @ the Kerr Auditorium and Sunday, June 13th @ 3pm @ the IAO Gallery.

Watch the Trailer

More About 8: The Mormon Proposition Here

Norman filmmakers discuss nudity, groupies on The Spy

deadCENTER Film Festival veterans Mark Potts and Cole Selix, and Brand Rackley, star of the lastest comedic hit from Norman-based Singletree Productions: Simmons on Vinyl sat down in-studio with Ferris O’Brien at 105.3 FM The Spy to talk about their film, nudity, elderly groupies and deadCENTER love.

Listen to the interview here:


Zeek is in love. With the help of his friends, he goes on search for a vinyl record that takes him on a wild chase all over town, running into mean high school punks, troubled bosses, kidnappings and even a very difficult dance off challenge – all in hopes that the record will nab the heart of his dream girl.

When: Friday, June 11, 9:30 p.m.
Where: [Artspace] at Untitled, 1 N.E. 3rd St.


A Film A Day – Day 19

Countdown: 19 Days to the 10th Annual Fest

Today’s Featured Film:

iCrime – World Premiere!

The Pitch: In the mysterious world of Internet vloggers and chat rooms, Carrie quickly learns that no one is what they seem in the City of Fallen Angels and it is up to her to unravel the conspiracy before she becomes its victim.

Why you should see it: OK natives work the LA scene to create a gripping drama ripped from the headlines.

When it’s playing: Friday June 11th @ 8pm @ the Kerr Audtiorium

More About iCrime Here

iCrime Trailer from Sure Crossing Films on Vimeo.

A Look Back With Dwight Edwards of The Filmcake: The 2007 Festival

In the Guest Spot today, we have Dwight Edwards, the man behind the very cool Okie-film website The Filmcake. Dwight has attended deadCENTER every year since 2002 (we’re willing to forget the two years he was absent, as he was there in spirit), and even contributed to our live blog of the festival in 2009. Every Wednesday until the festival, we’ll feature his look back at the deadCENTER film festivals of old, starting with 2002. This week: 2007

I think the defining moment of the 2007 deadCENTER Film Festival was the WORLD PREMIERE of famed international auteur Esteban Don Von McDonaldson’s brilliant film, L’Hell. Truly, deadCENTER had come into its own with this spectacular get. First, it’s in French. So you know it’s really good. Second, it’s in black and white. So you know it’s REALLY good. Despite the infamy surrounding that film’s premier, it turns out there were some other films that screened at the festival as well. For this week’s look back, I re-watched UFO’s At The Zoo, Shwarma: Spawn From Hell, BITCH, and Man With a Moustache.

UFO’s At The Zoo — The Flaming Lips have become a deadCENTER staple. Wayne Coyne, Bradley Beesley, and George Salisbury brought their footage of the 9/15/06 Zoo Amphitheater concert to the Saturday night outdoor screening. They returned in 2008 with the long-awaited Christmas on Mars and this year’s they’ll bring their documentary short Blastula: The Making of Embryonic to the festival.

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Have you bought your passes yet?

2010 Passes

Now that you’ve had time to check out our awesome schedule, it’s time to talk passes. There are three ways you can enjoy the festival. 1) Individual screening tickets, 2) Screening/Panel Pass, or 3) the All-Access Pass. Let’s discuss.

Individual Screening Ticket- $10
Let’s say you’re short on time. Cousin Sarah is getting married that weekend and you only have time for, say, one or two films. All you have to do is walk up the venue where the film you want to see is playing and buy a ticket for $10. Seriously, that’s it. Easy. There are no advance ticket sales so you’ll need to stop by the day the film you want to see is screening and buy your ticket then. Now, what if you don’t like cousin Sarah that much and you want to check out more movies and panels then you need the….

Screening/Panel Pass- $75 (20% Student Discount Available)
With a Screening/Panel Pass you are allowed access to…you guessed it…all film screenings and panels we offer over the five days. That’s over 100 films, three panels and a screenplay table read. This is THE pass for the serious cinephile. You can eat and drink in all the films and special-guest studded panels your heart desires. We’ll allow it. Speaking of eating and drinking, if you’re looking for THE ULTIMATE deadCENTER Film Festival experience you’ll need the…duh, duh, DUH…

All-Access Pass- $125 (20% Student Discount Available)
Consider this baby the golden ticket. You want front-of-the-line access to any and every film screening? DONE! You want to listen to film pros from across the country discuss the most relevant topics in independent film today? DONE! You want to eat, drink, be merry, and hob-nob with filmmakers, journalists, celebrities, and other independent film junkies? DOUBLE DONE! Time for some math: 5 days, 100 films, three panels, a screenplay table read, and almost a dozen special events. Math is hard, but that’s a seriously good deal!

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Festival Secrets: The Big One

Want to know a BIG deadCENTER secret?

The All-Access Pass doesn’t allow access to one of the best, most important facets of the festival: being a volunteer. We’re not talking about your old-high-school version of volunteering. At the festival, a bit of your time and energy immediately gets you in the middle of all things deadCENTER.

If you like to be outdoors and among people, Concessions is a fun place to be. These people are some of the most popular at the festival, as they serve alcohol and soda. You have to be 21 to work the booth, though.

If you’re under 21 or maybe food and drink is just not your thing, the Box Office is where it’s at. You get to handle tickets, t-shirts and passes, and pass the famous deadCENTER passion on!

eXperience deadCENTER hardcore. Call the office at 405.246.9233 or shoot an email to and we’ll hook you up.

deadCENTER to Celebrate Diversity with ‘World Fest’

Free Outdoor Event to Feature Award-Winning Musical Comedy, Filmmaker Awards

OKLAHOMA CITY – deadCENTER Film Festival today announced that the award-winning Australian musical comedy Bran Nue Dae will be the featured film for a free outdoor event on Saturday, June 12 in downtown Oklahoma City.

The public is invited to celebrate cultural and creative diversity at “World Fest,” an annual closing night event held on The Lawn at N. E.K. Gaylord Blvd. and N.W. 3rd St. The event begins at 7 p.m., and will host a wide variety of community groups, concessions, musicians and artists. At 9 p.m., filmmakers will be recognized for their talent and hard work at the deadCENTER awards ceremony. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs for the film which begins at 9:30 p.m.

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