Letting people know how much you like deadCENTER – now in handy voting form!

If you are one of literally several people who regularly wish there was a way to let people know you think deadCENTER is “The Best Annual Event” in Oklahoma City, you’re in luck. Head over to the Oklahoma Gazette’s website to fill out their Best of OKC ballot, or if you prefer putting pen to paper, you can pick up one of their free papers just about anywhere around the metro.

Important note: you must vote in at least half the categories (there are 109) for your ballot to count, so don’t just skip down to #65 to vote for us!

“Festival life can be brutal, y’all.”

He had to come from Houston to deadCENTER to meet his mayor.

Houston Press writer and Film Threat contributor Pete Vonder Haar checks in with an epic account of his time at this year’s deadCENTER Film Festival, including how he got a wicked black eye during a screening.

The quotes are meaty and plentiful, but here’s one of our favorites: “In this, its tenth year, deadCENTER is firing on all cylinders and is — in my humble opinion — one of the best film festivals around. Period.”

Read the whole sordid tale over at FilmThreat.com.


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