4 Questions: HEART OF NOW

We thought it would be a good idea to help you get to know some of our fantastic filmmakers.  So, borrowing an idea from LA Weekly’s Karina Longworth (the Bernard Pivot to our James Lipton), we submitted four questions to each filmmaker about and themselves and their films.  We’ll be randomly posting as many responses as we can fit in between now and the kick-off.

Today we hear from Zak Forsman, writer/director/producer of Heart of Now, a deadCENTER World Premiere at the OKC Museum of Art Friday, June 11th at 2:00pm.  Lead actress Marion Kerr is also scheduled to attend the premiere, and music director DEKLUN will be performing in the theater immediately before the screening as well.

Zak also serves as the co-founder of the SABI filmmaking collective (which produced Heart of Now), and curates the NEW BREED blog on TheWorkbookProject.com, a site dedicated to providing tools and inspiration to independent filmmakers.  The Heart of Now screening will be immediately followed by a New Technology in Film Panel where Zak and other filmmakers will discuss how new forms of media have influenced the way they produce, create, distribute and promote their films.

1. Tell us about your movie. Give us the reductive, 25-word or less, “It’s like [pop culture reference a] meets [pop culture reference b]!” pitch, then explain what the quick and dirty sell leaves out.

My father died when I was 19.  In many ways, I wrote and directed HEART OF NOW in response to those feelings of being “left behind”.   Read more…


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