Filmmakers show “No Love” on the Plaza

Friday Night’s “No Love” edition of ShortSUITES on the Plaza was a great success. Thanks to Keith Rinearson of PhotoArt Studios for being such a gracious host. If you’ve never been down to this studio, get down to the Plaza District and check it out. It’s a gorgeous space, and a fantastic place to screen movies. And you never know; Keith might just be on the lookout for models and snap your next Facebook profile shot.

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“Sita Sings the Blues” on the Plaza this Friday

deadCENTER is proud to present the remarkable animated musical “Sita Sings the Blues” this Friday, Feb. 12th as part of our “No Love” edition of ShortSUITES Live on the Plaza, at PhotoArt Studio, 1738 NW 16th St.

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