The Referral: The Filmcake finishes a film, has regrets, starts a discussion

Our good friend Dwight over at The Filmcake published a really interesting blog post we think deserves your attention. Having just finished his first short film, he has begun to reflect on the reviews he’s written from the perspective of a new filmmaker.

Along the way, he touches on several things many of us involved with independent film at any level struggle with – how important are access and funding? To what extent, if any, should those circumstances affect or make themselves known to the viewer? And finally, how should critics approach low or no-budget films?

Read the whole thing here. And when you’re done, we’d love to hear what you think about the subject in our comments section below.


Awards for the 2010 deadCENTER Film Festival were presented Saturday night.  Here are the winners:

Best Student Film: In This Place

Best Animation:  O Pintor de Ceos (Painter of the Skies)

Best Narrative Short:  Junko’s Shamisen

Best Documentary Short:  A Song for Ourselves

Best Narrative Feature:  earthwork

Best Doc Feature: A Good Day to Die

Best Okie Short:  The Rounder Comes to Town

Best Okie Feature: The Rock and Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher

Grand Jury Narrative Feature:  Simmons on Vinyl

Grand Jury Doc Feature:  Our House

A Film A Day – Day 19

Countdown: 19 Days to the 10th Annual Fest

Today’s Featured Film:

iCrime – World Premiere!

The Pitch: In the mysterious world of Internet vloggers and chat rooms, Carrie quickly learns that no one is what they seem in the City of Fallen Angels and it is up to her to unravel the conspiracy before she becomes its victim.

Why you should see it: OK natives work the LA scene to create a gripping drama ripped from the headlines.

When it’s playing: Friday June 11th @ 8pm @ the Kerr Audtiorium

More About iCrime Here

iCrime Trailer from Sure Crossing Films on Vimeo.

A Look Back With Dwight Edwards of The Filmcake: The 2007 Festival

In the Guest Spot today, we have Dwight Edwards, the man behind the very cool Okie-film website The Filmcake. Dwight has attended deadCENTER every year since 2002 (we’re willing to forget the two years he was absent, as he was there in spirit), and even contributed to our live blog of the festival in 2009. Every Wednesday until the festival, we’ll feature his look back at the deadCENTER film festivals of old, starting with 2002. This week: 2007

I think the defining moment of the 2007 deadCENTER Film Festival was the WORLD PREMIERE of famed international auteur Esteban Don Von McDonaldson’s brilliant film, L’Hell. Truly, deadCENTER had come into its own with this spectacular get. First, it’s in French. So you know it’s really good. Second, it’s in black and white. So you know it’s REALLY good. Despite the infamy surrounding that film’s premier, it turns out there were some other films that screened at the festival as well. For this week’s look back, I re-watched UFO’s At The Zoo, Shwarma: Spawn From Hell, BITCH, and Man With a Moustache.

UFO’s At The Zoo — The Flaming Lips have become a deadCENTER staple. Wayne Coyne, Bradley Beesley, and George Salisbury brought their footage of the 9/15/06 Zoo Amphitheater concert to the Saturday night outdoor screening. They returned in 2008 with the long-awaited Christmas on Mars and this year’s they’ll bring their documentary short Blastula: The Making of Embryonic to the festival.

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Have you bought your passes yet?

2010 Passes

Now that you’ve had time to check out our awesome schedule, it’s time to talk passes. There are three ways you can enjoy the festival. 1) Individual screening tickets, 2) Screening/Panel Pass, or 3) the All-Access Pass. Let’s discuss.

Individual Screening Ticket- $10
Let’s say you’re short on time. Cousin Sarah is getting married that weekend and you only have time for, say, one or two films. All you have to do is walk up the venue where the film you want to see is playing and buy a ticket for $10. Seriously, that’s it. Easy. There are no advance ticket sales so you’ll need to stop by the day the film you want to see is screening and buy your ticket then. Now, what if you don’t like cousin Sarah that much and you want to check out more movies and panels then you need the….

Screening/Panel Pass- $75 (20% Student Discount Available)
With a Screening/Panel Pass you are allowed access to…you guessed it…all film screenings and panels we offer over the five days. That’s over 100 films, three panels and a screenplay table read. This is THE pass for the serious cinephile. You can eat and drink in all the films and special-guest studded panels your heart desires. We’ll allow it. Speaking of eating and drinking, if you’re looking for THE ULTIMATE deadCENTER Film Festival experience you’ll need the…duh, duh, DUH…

All-Access Pass- $125 (20% Student Discount Available)
Consider this baby the golden ticket. You want front-of-the-line access to any and every film screening? DONE! You want to listen to film pros from across the country discuss the most relevant topics in independent film today? DONE! You want to eat, drink, be merry, and hob-nob with filmmakers, journalists, celebrities, and other independent film junkies? DOUBLE DONE! Time for some math: 5 days, 100 films, three panels, a screenplay table read, and almost a dozen special events. Math is hard, but that’s a seriously good deal!

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The Birth of Big Air is coming to deadCENTER!

Legendary BMX pioneer and favorite native son Mat Hoffman will help kick off the 10th annual deadCENTER Film Festival on Wednesday, June 9 with a special free, open-to-the-public outdoor screening of “The Birth of Big Air,” the highly acclaimed documentary about his life and career.

Academy Award nominee Spike Jonze and extreme sport fanatic Johnny Knoxville, along with director Jeff Tremaine, showcase the inner workings and exploits of the man who gave birth to “Big Air.” Partially shot in Oklahoma, the film was created for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series.

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You there – the procrastinating filmmaker! Deadline for submissions is NEXT WEEK.

Oh wow. I know it’s not just us – March has officially snuck-up on everyone and is about to catch us with our time-wasting pants down. But here’s the deal. The deadline for submitting your film for this year’s deadCENTER film festival is March 3rd. Yeah, as in, NEXT WEEK, WEDNESDAY MARCH 3rd is our submission deadline.

So bust out the stiff envelopes, packing tape, or carrier pigeons and get your movie into our hot little hands. We want to see them. All of them.

Details for submitting are at the very top of our home page, and you’re already on our website. So you have no excuses. Get on it, people.

alyX on the inside: This Should Probably be Classified

This is the first installment from our blogger Alyx Picard. We’re calling her series “alyX on the inside.” She’ll be giving you a volunteer’s eye view of making deadCENTER a reality. Click through the jump to read her first dispatch, straight to you from the wondrous land of bag swap.


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