The Referral: The Filmcake finishes a film, has regrets, starts a discussion

Our good friend Dwight over at The Filmcake published a really interesting blog post we think deserves your attention. Having just finished his first short film, he has begun to reflect on the reviews he’s written from the perspective of a new filmmaker.

Along the way, he touches on several things many of us involved with independent film at any level struggle with – how important are access and funding? To what extent, if any, should those circumstances affect or make themselves known to the viewer? And finally, how should critics approach low or no-budget films?

Read the whole thing here. And when you’re done, we’d love to hear what you think about the subject in our comments section below.

“Festival life can be brutal, y’all.”

He had to come from Houston to deadCENTER to meet his mayor.

Houston Press writer and Film Threat contributor Pete Vonder Haar checks in with an epic account of his time at this year’s deadCENTER Film Festival, including how he got a wicked black eye during a screening.

The quotes are meaty and plentiful, but here’s one of our favorites: “In this, its tenth year, deadCENTER is firing on all cylinders and is — in my humble opinion — one of the best film festivals around. Period.”

Read the whole sordid tale over at

Oklahoma Filmmakers win Grand Jury Prize, launch remake of “Citizen Kane”

The most common question asked of filmmakers after screening at a film festival is “What are you working on now?”

Well the boys at Singletree Productions are wasting no time after their long-awaited Grand Jury Prize win at deadCENTER last weekend, and the news is already sweeping the internets.  Check out the trailer below.  It’s, shall we say… ambitious…

Norman filmmakers discuss nudity, groupies on The Spy

deadCENTER Film Festival veterans Mark Potts and Cole Selix, and Brand Rackley, star of the lastest comedic hit from Norman-based Singletree Productions: Simmons on Vinyl sat down in-studio with Ferris O’Brien at 105.3 FM The Spy to talk about their film, nudity, elderly groupies and deadCENTER love.

Listen to the interview here:


Zeek is in love. With the help of his friends, he goes on search for a vinyl record that takes him on a wild chase all over town, running into mean high school punks, troubled bosses, kidnappings and even a very difficult dance off challenge – all in hopes that the record will nab the heart of his dream girl.

When: Friday, June 11, 9:30 p.m.
Where: [Artspace] at Untitled, 1 N.E. 3rd St.



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