We’re Headed to SXSW and Couldn’t Be More Excited.

Now that our call for entries is closed and we’re digesting all the great films people have sent us from all over the world, you might think most of our programming work is over. Oh, how wrong you are.

In addition to the always-fun programming day, when we actually sift through all the reviews and impressions of the films we’ve screened through our submission process, we’re still heading out into the world looking for great films. Just like most other festivals, the films we screen at deadCENTER are a mix of submitted films and invited films – films we typically find at other festivals like Sundance or South by Southwest.

Which brings us to the point of this little note. For the first time, all four of us full-time staff members will be traveling together to SXSW. We’ll be watching a ton of movies, attending parties (hey – someone needs to do it), and meeting with filmmakers, journalists and staff members from other festivals so we can bring the best indie films we can to Oklahoma City.

So this is where we need your help. Is there a film at SXSW that you’re excited about, and you’d like to see deadCENTER screen? Is there a party we NEED to attend, other than the very mandatory Red Dirt Reel in the Buffalo Lounge? Let us know in the comments.

And if you’re going to be down in SXSW and want to meet up, ping us on twitter or facebook. If not, don’t worry – you’ll be able to live vicariously through us via my (hopefully frequent) dispatches while we’re there.

“Festival life can be brutal, y’all.”

He had to come from Houston to deadCENTER to meet his mayor.

Houston Press writer and Film Threat contributor Pete Vonder Haar checks in with an epic account of his time at this year’s deadCENTER Film Festival, including how he got a wicked black eye during a screening.

The quotes are meaty and plentiful, but here’s one of our favorites: “In this, its tenth year, deadCENTER is firing on all cylinders and is — in my humble opinion — one of the best film festivals around. Period.”

Read the whole sordid tale over at FilmThreat.com.

deadCENTER at SXSW: SXSaturday Wrap-up

The good thing about SXSW is that it is non-stop action … which leaves little time for blogging. But here what happened from 1pm-1am yesterday:

Barry Munday: Charming movie staring Patrick Wilson and Judy Greer (both in attendance – no calling in sick for them!). Check out the synopsis and remember this title for when it shows up on VOD. I wish this was the kind of film that would open in theaters everywhere – it’s a much better date movie than anything Jennifer Aniston has been in lately – but who knows? That kind of jackpot doesn’t happen very often.

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deadCENTER at SXSW: Another quickie

First of all- apologies to the Don(s)- hung with Lewis, not Swaynos last night. I was a bleary blogger this morning.

Cacky and I stumbled into the back of the Paramount Theater to catch the first 30minutes of Thunder Soul. Our plan was to sneak out and catch the Tarantino/Eli Roth panel at 12:30. Luckily, we found out those losers canceled so we stayed for the whole film.

Thunder Soul is so amazing, not even the lure of listening to a living master could have drug me out of this theater so I’m glad I wasn’t forced to make a Sophie’s Choice. I’m on a mission now – I love this film.

Cacky and I got right back in line for the next showing at the Paramount- Barry Munday. Loads of movie stars and red carpet is out. We’ll see who actually makes it and who is having breakfast with Tarantino.

Opening Night Schmooze-a-thon

Where’s my sunglasses? My laptop screen is too bright… standby.

OK, much better. The party.

This is my very favorite party during SXSW because EVERYONE goes. It’s at Buffalo Billiards, and both levels are packed. I know the tons of people who didn’t get in don’t feel this way (HEY! Chris! You’re awesome! Hope your screening went well!), but this party is so inclusive. The stars of the big opening attend (the film was Kick-Ass and everyone said it was great), along with all the pals we’ve accumulated over the years. It’s the touchstone party of the weekend. And here’s who we schmoozed with in chronological order, starting with the upstairs:

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deadCENTER at SXSW: Buckle Up.

Our very own Cacky Poarch and Melissa Scaramucci are in SXSW, looking for great films, spreading the word about deadCENTER and generally being awesome. Stay tuned to this space for their dispatches.

Cacky and I can’t remember how many times we’ve made the pilgrimage south together – maybe 7 years? 8? Known universally at SXSW as “Those fun girls from Oklahoma”, we work to pile on the magic in our brief time at the fest. Seriously. One year we extended our trip to Tuesday (instead of leaving on our usual Monday) and that extra day almost left us hospitalized. These are the sacrifices we make for deadCENTER.

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The Referral – Candler Blog has SXSW details

Friend of deadCENTER and all-around cool guy Jonathan Poritsky has a blog he calls the Candler. We’ll probably be linking to his posts fairly often. Now you know.

He has the goods on the latest announcements from SXSW – clicky click.


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