X Games, Round Two

Round two of the deadCENTER X Games are underway!  Make a One Minute Movie and your film could win two free all-access passes to the 10th annual deadCENTER Film Festival.

Here are the ground rules:

  • Films can be no longer than 1 minute.
  • Film must illustrate the theme of “March Madness” however you choose to interpret that.
  • Film must also incorporate an “X” in some way.  (cause it’s the 10th deadCENTER…get it?) Again, however you choose to interpret that.
  • Films must be delivered on DVD on March 8th, no later than 5:00pm at Coffee Slingers, 1015 N. Broadway Ave in OKC.  We’ll have a dropbox set out for you.
  • Please include contact information directly on the disk.
  • Select entries will be featured on the deadCENTERfilm.org website; if you have a YouTube or Vimeo account, send us a link so we can show you the love.
  • The winner of the passes will be announced on March 12th.

Now get shooting!

“Sita Sings the Blues” on the Plaza this Friday

deadCENTER is proud to present the remarkable animated musical “Sita Sings the Blues” this Friday, Feb. 12th as part of our “No Love” edition of ShortSUITES Live on the Plaza, at PhotoArt Studio, 1738 NW 16th St.

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deadCENTER X Games: Round One Deadline is Monday!

Grab a camera, call some friends, and make a one-minute movie this weekend to win two free all-access passes to the 10th annual deadCENTER Film Festival!

deadCENTER is holding three monthly competitions leading into this year’s fest, challenging filmmakers everywhere to create a short film one minute long, based on a theme. In defiance of the shameless commercialism Valentine’s Day has become, this month’s theme is “No Love.”

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