This is awesome – you can see it Friday or Saturday night. You’re Welcome.

Countdown: 2 Days to the 10th Annual Fest

Today’s Featured Film:

The Four-Faced Liar

The Pitch: A girl and a guy walk into a bar. They meet a girl and a guy. The guys talk about the girls. The girl falls for the girl. The guys don’t know…until they do..
Why you should see it: Charming, lovely, engaging. Beautiful camera work, swift and delicious story and surefooted performances from the actors. Director Jacob Chase and Writer/Actress Marja-Lewis Ryan will be in town for the screenings. Well here – see what a tiny publication called Variety says about it.
When it’s playing: Friday June 11th @ 7:30pm @ [ArtSpace] @ Untitled and Saturday June 12th @7:30pm @ the IAO Gallery.

Watch the Trailer For The Four Faced Liar

More About The Four-Faced Liar Here

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