Today’s Schedule Has Some Changes

To try and maximize the opportunity for everyone to see our award winning films, we have made some adjustments to today’s schedule for Harkins. If you’ve been using our online film scheduler, we’ve already updated it so these changes are reflected there. If you prefer to look at dead trees when planning your day, we will have these printed out at all the venue box offices as well.

5:00pm – Harkins Screen 1 – S&M Lawn Care

5:30pm – Harkins Screen 2 – Fordson

7:00pm – Harkins Screen 1 – The Dead Inside

7:00pm – Harkins Screen 2 – Revolucion

9:00pm – Harkins Screen 2 – Trollhunter

The rest of today’s schedule is here. If you’re using our iphone app, you’ll have to press “sync” to get the updated schedule on your phone.

deadCENTER 2010 closing night; photo by Rex Barrett

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