For our Distribution Forum, deadCenter invites sales agents and distributors to meet one on one with every accepted filmmaker at the festival. Whether you have a feature with tons of celebrities or a short film you made in college, our forum provides filmmakers the opportunity to bend the ear of a distribution professional and find out how it all works.

The featured distributors at our 2016 festival included:

  • Richard Matson, Orchard Films
  • Linda Olszewski, ShortsTV
  • Jeff Cooke, Lionsgate 

After the meetings, the distributors sit on a panel to discuss trends in distribution and highlight any challenges brought up during the meetings.

We also invite the Oklahoma Film + Music Office to host a panel each year that benefits all of the gathered filmmakers. This year, their panel focused on crowd-source funding, featuring the producer Ann McElhinney from Gosnell, who had the most successful campaign ever on Kickstarter. 

deadCenter happens with the help of over 400 volunteers. We'd love for you to be part of the magic.

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